What to Gift a Toddler

It can be difficult to find a good gift for a toddler especially if you are not a parent or familiar with it. There are so many gifts that you can find in the market that you will find yourself becoming overwhelmed with the sheer number of options. But every child is different and they will enjoy different things.

There are many educational toys designed specifically for toddlers. You need to carry out some research of where you can find such and check the quality of the toys by looking up reviews for the item online. There are many benefits of video games if used correctly. There are video games that are designed for toddlers that help them understand letters, colours, shapes and numbers. This will help them develop further and understand their world a little better. You can also improve their motor skills by giving them a toy toolbox where they can fix things around the house with small versions of tools. You can show them how each tool is to be used by showing how the real tool can be used around the house. They can then mimic the same action with their tools and it can be a fun imaginative game to play.

You can take your toddler on a trip to the supermarket so they can get a new experience. There are toy cash registers that come with play money where they can reenact what they saw at the supermarket. You can give items to checkout and put into bags and create a small supermarket in your own home. This is a fun way of getting them to count items and learn numbers. There are large playhouses that they can play with which can be packed away nicely when not in use. This is another imaginative game for the kids. You can get your children involved in household chores as well. They are naturally curious and the smallest thing can hold their attention for a while. You can give them a working vacuum that is on a small scale where they can pick up dust and dirt on the floor. Make sure there are sufficient safety controls in place that can’t hurt them in any way. There are also toddler sizes brooms, mops etc. that they can play with. It will give them a sense of being included in the housework and you will be getting a very cute helper for the house as well.

There are sensory bins that are designed to stimulate their motor skills and skills for interaction. There are different themes to these sensory bins and you can choose something that they are interested in. You can also include books from a young age. You can read to them and mimic voices so they get engaged in the story. Choose books with vibrant colours and activities. There are pop-up books and books that come with music or sounds. There are puzzles that are designed for toddlers. This can help in their problem solving skills. You can help them learn to match colours and shapes with a puzzle.

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