Choosing Between Implants and Dentures

Dentures and implants are teeth replacement options. Choice of these two options will depend on the health of your jawbone, overall oral health including remaining teeth, price points for the procedures etc. Your dentist will be able to recommend an option by evaluating your risk factors and your requirements.

There are basic purposes that dental implants and dentures are used for. They will improve speech and help you with chewing food which would otherwise be impossible to manage with your missing teeth. Your self-esteem will also be improved as you will not be self-conscious about the missing teeth any longer. While there are a few core benefits that are common to both options, there are certain differences as well. When it comes to implants, the patient should be having sufficient bone so that the implant can be anchored to it. The damaged root of a tooth will be removed and a hole will then be drilled to reach the jawbone. This is how the post of the implant which is made of titanium will be anchored into the jawbone. The top of this post will then be fitted with a crown in the same colour as your natural teeth so that your teeth look uniform. The bone will grow around the post and this is a process that will take a few months. The crown will only be fitted after this fusion of bone and implant has been achieved. The crown is fitted to an abutment. This abutment can be placed later or at the same time the post is anchored onto the bone.

Implants are a permanent solution when compared to dentures. Dentures are removable teeth that can be fitted to your teeth and the amount of bone you possess is not a determining factor in this process. There are complete sets of dentures which can form the upper or lower set of teeth or you can use dentures to replace a few missing teeth. This latter option is called partial dentures. The process of getting dentures will start with the dentist taking an impression of the upper or lower gums. These will then be made to ensure that you are able to speak and chew food properly. There will be a set of dentures that will be made at the beginning which is then fitted and adjusted according to your teeth alignment. The final set of dentures will be made after this. There is an adhesive that keeps the dentures in place connected to the gums.

Implants are more expensive than dentures and other teeth replacement solutions. But you also need to think about your comfort and overall quality of life. Implants have become popular over time because of their permanence and convenience when it comes to maintenance. Implants will need brushing and flossing as your regular teeth. And you will be required to visit the dental clinic routinely. Dentures have a more lengthy maintenance routine and you can’t wear them overnight. You need to soak dentures in a cleaning solution or water during the night. You will need to clean the dentures every time after you eat. They also need refitting and you will go through several sets of dentures over time.

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